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Meet Darren Salkeld

Darren Salkeld is known as the world's premier, direct response, sales funnel & automation expert.

He's famous for consulting, designing and creatingsome of the highest grossing Automated Marketing & Prospecting Systems in the history of the Affiliate Marketing industry.

He has customers and clients on every continent and regularly acts as marketing advisor to celebrities, best selling authors, and celebrity entrepreneurs.

Darren Salkeld is a respected business consultant sought by Fortune 500 companies and also the creator of the number one automated business system worldwide.

Today, Salkeld is recognized as one of the TOP leading experts in digital marketing world-wide.

In just 2 days at this live implementation workshop, the way you think about business, money and wealth will be completely transformed... forever!

Perhaps Darren Salkeld's greatest accomplishment is in giving back.

Even though Darren is one of the most successful online business consultants & affiliates of our time, he teaches and shares proven strategies with regular people from all over the world. Now, he's looking to give you the knownledge you need to change your financial destiny.

By educating people on the proper techniques and processes to start, grow & scale your own business, in any market, his team will motivate you to take action in the present moment and change your life in a positive way forever... are YOU next?

How Darren Salkeld Earned Over
$10,000,000 in Commissions Within 2 Years


...and got awarded a $60,000 Gold Rolex

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What Business Leaders Say About Darren Salkeld

Your Trainers

Rhonda Michele

Rhonda is famous for boosting customer value through the power of relationships. She has a corporate HR background, managing over 450 professionals nationwide.

Rhonda specializes in:

  • Building POWERFUL Relationships That Bring In Profits
  • Developing A Million-Dollar Mindset
  • Building Your Million Dollar Rolodex

How Rhonda Michele Earned Over
$1,000,000 in Commissions Within 18 Months

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Yannick van den Bos

Yannick is a digital marketing expert known for assisting thousands of people from around the world to see almost immediate results with their own online business ventures.

Yannick specializes in:

  • Developing High Converting Funnels
  • Traffic Generation (Bing, Yahoo, AOL and Facebook Ads)
  • Social Media Marketing That Bring In Leads & Sales

How Yannick Paid Off His Mothers Debt,
All Thanks To This Exact Workshop


Prosperity Masters Receiving
Top Affiliate Recognition Awards

Rhonda Receives '$1Mil Ring', Darren Receives '$10Mil Rolex' and Yannick Receives '$250K Ring'

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